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Here are a few links to useful or entertaining things. I take no responsibility for the content, and if you find a dead link, please take the trouble to email me.


Tynebikes is a local cycle campaign group and it maintains the Cycle Northumbria web site, covering the north east region of England in the UK. It aims to provide information on cycling, especially to the everyday utility or recreational cyclist and for visitors touring by bike.

StagecoachStagecoach is the main public transport provider for the Newcastle area, and its extensive system of routes and frequencies should cater for most journeys. The local bus network interlinks with other bus operators as well as rail and Metro services. And don't forget the Megabus long distance coaches. Buy tickets on line. There is a range of savers and multi journey tickets available, visit the web site to check routes, special offers as well as changes and diversions.

If you enjoy pictures of Tyneside then you'll want to look at the Jack Phillips Collection. Jack, from Bishop Auckland, but resident in Newcastle, spent much spare time in the 1950s and 60s collecting old photographs of Newcastle and then matching them with the scenes of the day to make a collection of "then and now" views. His son, Geoff, has carried on this work and has produced a series of books showing later changes. Look out for his Tyneside Pubs. Visit Geoff's book Website.

Newcastle-based IT company Perfect Image provides bespoke software including sales, financial modelling, booking and administrative systems. The World Wide Web is an area that this dynamic young company now holds at its core. Its Web sites look good and.. don't take my word for it, pop along for a look; try the Newcastle links page.

Westgate Hill is the centre for motorcycle shops and on Saturdays plays host to the region's weekly bikefest. This site showcases the traders on the Hill, and is hosted by Arabesque, the alternative gift and craft shop. The online shop site is here. The traders on the Hill are not just motorbike related, but include places to eat, newsagents, a Post Office, second hand swap shops, furniture and interior design, a taxi office and a tattoo artist. The Discovery Museum is nearby and it is a stones throw from Chinatown. See The Westgate Hill Timmonet page here.

Visit the Goth site set up for visitors and regulars to the Green, Eldon Square, the Saturday Newcastle Gothmeet. See the lively characters, join in the banter, find friends, and links to other resources. Check out the random people caught on camera; Local Gig list; or Message Board. Amanda, the site creator, tries to keep us up to date with important news and welcomes contributions.

Don't forget, before you go, sign the Guest Book.


This personal firewall will protect your computer system. Stop hackers and Trojans in their tracks. Download the personal FREE version, or business users can buy after a trial period. I assure you, this WILL save your system if you use the net a lot. Download it now.

Get ICQ here

ICQ (I Seek You) is a chat forum that's really cool. You get a little automatic pop-up when someone wants to chat. You can look for specific people, particular groups, or just pick someone on-line at random. Lots of custom features. Download it free here.

The Yahoo! Instant Messenger is fine, and is even clever enough to adapt to firewalls and NAT. However, the "My Yahoo!" section that is a necessary part of the download hijacks your IE start page and tries to prevent you from changing this state of affairs. Click here to see how to fix this.

This total Internet communications solution combines the best of instant messaging and Internet telephony. Paltalk's range of features allow users to communicate anywhere in the world at any time. Voice calls, video conferences, group voice conferences, instant messaging, group text chat, voice mail, and file transfer are included in this free download package.

Go to Dogpile

If you use search engines then try this one. It's actually a collection of many. One search, many replies.

Find out about films

This is a great resource for film information. Search for a title, person, song etc. Submit your own reviews, but the freebie newsletters are very American based. Check on Digiguide for TV screening times of films in the UK!

Get DigiGuideGet a really great media listing utility. This little thingy sits there for instant off-line use, and tells you what's on. You auto-update whenever you are on -line. You get a free trial period, then it asks for 6.99 for a year's updates. This is excellent value at 13p per week (what price your paper guide?) and it details all terrestrial and most satellite TV and radio channels. Good search and reminders too!


Gay Men Tyneside is a group for gay and bi-sexual men aged twenty and over. Different activities are offered each week; ranging from wine tastings, and quizzes to more serious discussion and debate evenings. Check out the Events Diary for more. Also look out for the Hall of Fame.

Pink UK is Brighton based, but extends its ambit to the whole UK. There is not only the interactive map for regional guides, but a no log-on unmoderated forum for ideas and opinions,a classified ads section,a dating service,and listings of gay hotels and B&Bs around the country. This is a flash site, but loads quickly and is good to look at, I particularly like the rollover effects.

Spin your antenna and locate this most popular gay resource. Get a free membership and set up your profile to let others know you; explore the profiles, even see those who are on line at the time. Listen to Gaydar 24hr radio as you browse. Click here RADIO PLAYER, choose your speed and then minimise it and get on with browsing. Messaging and email is also available. The benefits of the Gold and Platinum paid for membership escape me. I consider the VFM very low! Stay free and fun.

Have a Chat

Try this. Select your region then interest group and get chatting with chums on line.

Gay Bod link graphic

Come along to GayBod. Swap stories, world-wide information, warnings and advice, and contacts as well. The site is dark, but the content is bright. Also, look in at the Fantasy Channel!

Here's the Gay to Z site

Look here to find trades people - like somewhere to stay, a plumber, gardeners etc. Support your local gay businesses, or just find resources.


The Sixties, by Richard Avedon is a wonderful site. Lose yourself in the memories of the sixties, or join the world-wide happening that is hippydom. The hippy movement erects signposts for all to see. Some warn us of impending danger, others direct us towards richer, more fulfilling lives, but most show us the road to freedom. Freedom is the paramount virtue; freedom to do as one pleases, go where the flow takes one, and to be open to new experiences. I really like the HIPPIE CALENDAR. Find out about the past, look at the present and plan a bit of your future the Hippie way. Groovy, baby!

The home of classic rock, available on DAB digital radio and the Web. Tune in here for 24 hour rocking, heart pounding, exhilarating, rock music with attitude and just the slightest whiff of adverts. Listen out for the unique "Rock Blocks", uninterrupted medleys of music. Interact with the station via the Web site.

Try the Leter Box Study Group

The Letter Box Study Group seeks to encourage research into, the preservation, and restoration of British letter boxes and the documentation of types and their locations. The Web site invites comments and the sharing of information.

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