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not here a silver oxide battery, but is Adrian's newest venture, located between The Eagle and Number 52 Sauna. It has a blank and dark façade on Scotswood Road, its entrance is round the back. No disturbing the neighbours with loud squeals of delight. It is an over 18s club. Open every weekend.

     The Yard continues to provide a central focus for the gay quarter. Its corner site and welcoming aspect are legendary, and now the frequent karaoke nights make it a hoot for all. Don't forget that Heavens Above opens it doors a little later in the evening for more action.

     Secrets Bar, located at the Boulevard end of the Scotswood Road parade is now attracting a lively crowd.

     The Boulevard, Churchill Street, where burlesque meets Broadway, offers escapism and fun. See the Boulevard Website for more details

   The Number 52 Sauna on Scotswood Road is free for students on Wednesdays, and free for under 25s every Monday and Tuesday. Buy one get one free applies to all members all of the time

     The H2O Sauna, Blandford Street, back open for business with new improved downstairs and additional facilities.

     Eazy Street gives us fabulous shows most nights, and a riot at weekends. It's brash, it's bright, it's in your face, and most of all, it's frivolous and fun. Grab some of the action soon.

   Switch reopens for business after its major makeover.

   The Eagle. Some say only the brave venture into the catacombs; in reality it's a space for men to let their hair down. Those without hair surely have something to loosen instead.

The Powerhouse Club, Westmorland Rd.

Powerhouse Club, Westmorland RoadThe Powerhouse, Newcastle's longest running Gay Nightclub, is at the corner of Westmorland Road and St. James' Boulevard.

Its cavernous innards on four floors are a challenge for the unwary. Try to remember landmarks for getting out again, but in the meantime have fun on the various themed spaces.

The large square building houses the club and the two adjacent and remodelled shops form Gossip, the warm up bar to the club. At club opening the doors swing and it becomes part of the main party. To the rear of the ground floor with its entrance facing the coach station is The Vault, a haven for the more mature crowd.

The fun starts on Friday at 2300hrs until 0400hrs the following morning with entry at 8. The Saturday scene is much the same but for the 10 entry fee. Sunday is another overnighter, closing at 0400hrs Monday morning for 4. Monday and Thursday evenings start at 2300 and for 3 you can stop until 0300hrs the following morning . The club is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

There is something for everyone at The Powerhouse, which operates a drug free policy. A Copenhagen 1801 Ltd venue.

Gossip Bar, Westmorland Road.

Gossip Bar, Westmorland Road

Warm up to the activity in The Powerhouse by visiting Gossip. Modern decor and plasma screens help put you in the mood. It is situated next door to The Powerhouse, and at club opening time the doors swing wide to make the bar part of the main action.

A Copenhagen 1801 Ltd. venue.

Eclipse Bar, Clayton Street West.

Eclipse Bar, Clayton Street West

Eclipse is situated opposite the Centre for life and is a very popular venue with Lesbian patrons.

It is on 2 levels and is quite spacious and trendy inside, like its  sister bar The Dog. If you like dancing and loud music then go upstairs, stay downstairs for a more relaxed visit.

Opening times are Mon - Sat: 1100hrs - 2300hrs; Sun: 1100hrs - 2330hrs

The Dog Bar, Westmorland Road.

The Dog, Westmorland Road/Marlborough CrescentOnce the White Bull, The Dog is at the junction of Marlborough Crescent and Westmorland Road. On entering its dark interior, razor sharp shafts of coloured light sweep the bar and aggressively probe the back of your eyes. Meanwhile your ears, once aware of pins dropping and birds singing, become beaten into deaf submission by the clamorous and over-amplified din.

If you can communicate by semaphore or visual means, if you can live without your hearing for the foreseeable future, and if you actually enjoy an assault on your senses then The Dog is for you.

Despite this, The Dog is popular, and who would want it otherwise? It is not a venue for a chat, but rather for an up -beat injection of party-party before going on to somewhere else.

Dianne Charlton commented recently that she and her staff were offended by my impressions of The Dog, asking that I remove this section from my site, and threatening legal action because she didn't like it. For the litigious, I have revisited The Dog (2030hrs on 30th May, 2004) and this is my opinion.

Eazy Street Bar, Westmorland Road.

Eazy Street Caberet Bar, 8-10 Westmorland RoadThis swish new cabaret bar is aimed at the Bohemian gay crowd. It opened opposite the Centre for Life next to the Dog and Parrot on All Fools Day 2010 and serves cocktails, beers and wines in a flamboyant party atmosphere. Sounds are variable, but not objectionably loud.

Manager Paul Rowe says that Eazy Street brings the best of international cabaret to Newcastle. It is hosted by Miss Kitty, with DJ Ross on the decks providing party sounds.

Happy Mondays feature Miss Kitty, Rude Boy and The Eazy Street Follies, and on Thursdays DJ Ross takes control. Footloose Fridays are given over to Miss Eazy and the Cast for non-stop partying from 2000hrs, while the weekend line-up promises some of the best partying around. A HH Leisure Ltd venue.

Opening times: Mon-Thurs 1700hrs - late; Fri-Sat 1200hrs - late; and Sun 1500hrs - late.

The Boulevard, Churchill Street.

The Boulevard, Churchill StreetThe Boulevard is the place where burlesque meets Broadway. Shows change with the seasons, and doors open at 1900hrs. There are standing places, seated areas and a VIP balcony seated area with complimentary champagne.

Professional female impersonators and dancing boys will entertain you whilst you mingle with the in crowd in this purpose built venue. See more at the Boulevard Website.

A Copenhagen 1801 Ltd venue.

@ne Bar, Marlborough Crescent.

At One, 1, Marlborough Crescent.From the same people that brought you Switch, The Bank, The Loft and also run The Powerhouse, here is the @ne bar, new in March 2006, next to The Yard, on Marlborough Crescent across  Churchill Street.

Its chic interior is light and alluring helped by the atrium and stairs between the two floors. Look out for the magnificent chandelier and matching lights downstairs.

The baby grand waits for those brave enough to tickle the ivories, but it is also a player piano that tinkles automatically. We are promised live music on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays and a laid back atmosphere, rather than the brain numbing ear hammering thump at some other places.

At One's Internet terminals upstairsVenture upstairs for more seating and six free Internet terminals for you to cruise. The response was rather slow when I tried, and both Flash and Java have been disabled. However, for a free surf it can't be bad. Special stainless steel drinks proof keyboards are provided, so some of the clicking has to be done with determination. The toilets are spacious and throughout there is creative design, not least in the use of mirrors.

Opening times are 1200 to 0100 daily.
A Copenhagen 1801 Ltd. venue.

The Yard Bar, Scotswood Road.

The Yard, Scotswood Road

Visit the Yard. Adrian has done us proud with its airy style. Light oak and fresh bright decor abound. It is simple and effective. Once popular with the older crowd (it had the nickname "Graveyard" for a while) it is now part of the mainstream, and welcomes all ages and temprament.

It is next to Switch, and contrasts with the bright and brash in a more mellow mood. There is space to stop and natter, or pop upstairs to Heavans Above for a more lively bop.

The Yard is open until 0200hrs except Sunday evening when it shuts at 0030hrs.
A Fat Boy Leisure Ltd. venue.

Switch, Scotswood Road.

Switch, Scotswood Road

Find the newly refurbished Switch between The Yard and The Bank. It takes no prisoners in its headlong dash to hardcore disco and head splitting sounds.

Switch is now re-establishing itself as the centre for hedonism and fun. The closed period seemed to be switch off for many.

    Sun: 2100hrs - 0200hrs
    Mon: 2100hrs - 0200hrs
    Tue: Closed
    Wed: 2100hrs - 0300hrs
    Thu: 2100hrs - 0200hrs
    Fri: 2100hrs - 0230hrs
    Sat: 2000hrs - 0300hrs

The Loft is now incorporated into the main venue.  There is a rooftop terrace for those quieter romantic moments.

A Copenhagen 1801 Ltd. venue.

The Bank Bar, Scotswood Road.

The Bank, showing adjacent venues, Scotswood Road

On the left is the conversion from an old Lloyd's bank to a trendy bar.

Colin welcomes you to this thumping venue with traditional hours and some late openings. It is promoted as a wine bar, but it also sells traditional beers and imported lagers.

The decor is old bank and 1970s kitsch, complete with potted plants! The sound levels attract the lager boutique crowd and deter the more level headed. Ear defenders are definitely recommended

The Bank entrance, Scotswood Road

The Bank is on Scotswood Road, almost next to the Yard. As you can see, Switch bar and The Loft lie between the two. For the sake of identification, the massive blue Centre for Life is visible in Marlborough Crescent.

Daytimes are relaxed in the company of Greta la More a North East institution. Evenings are lively with karaoke and Drag Attack nights.

A Copenhagen 1801 Ltd. venue.

The Eagle Bar, Scotswood Road.

The Eagle has landed!Far from being a 1950s boy's comic, The Eagle is for grown up men! Its log-cabin interior will appeal to the Lumberjack in you, and we all know what Monty Python had to say about them, don't we! See here for the words.

The ground level main bar is long and rather narrow with tabled booths and some barstools fashioned on the "ample is not enough" principle. There is a minstrel's gallery for sitting quietly and observing the action, and a lower "Men Only" bar in the basement area. The Eagle, Scotswood Road

The decor is functional, and I especially like the ventilators running the length of the bar that by turns extract the smells and deliver fresh air. The sound system is not intrusive, and there are handy notices around the place to remind us that, amongst other things, "The only un-natural sex act is one which it is impossible to perform" from the erstwhile Doctor Kinsey.

The attractive and attentive bar staff keep the place going and a warm welcome is assured. The Eagle is the only bar catering for the leather, denim, and uniform crowd in Newcastle.

The Eagle is open from 1700hrs daily, and it closes at 2300hrs Monday & Tuesday evenings, at 0100hrs Thursday to Sunday mornings, and at 0030hrs Monday mornings.

I think we can confidently proclaim that The Eagle has landed!

A Fat Boy Leisure Ltd. venue.

SR44 Gay Club, Scotswood Road

SR44 Entrance at Rear Scotswood Road
SR44 Entrance at Rear - How Camp!This new venue is open every Friday and Saturday. Entrance is free on Fridays but there is a 5 admission fee on Saturdays. Expect lively dance tunes, promotional booze specials, and dimly lit corners for canoodling. Adjunct to The Eagle.

The entrance is in the lane at the rear of the block containing The Yard, Switch, The Eagle, No52 and Secrets. It is the roller shuttered door to the right of the gated rear entrance to The Eagle in the above picture.

See the Eagle and promotional fliers for the various themes.

A Fat Boy Leisure Ltd. venue.

Number 52 Gay Men's Sauna
Scotswood Road

Number 52 Sauna Scotswood RoadThe Number 52 Sauna is located at (Guess where?) No. 52 Scotswood Road, just west of The Eagle.

For travellers by car, there are on-street parking bays, and by prior arrangement the staff will ensure that your tickets are kept up to date during your visit. There is also a large 24hr NCP car park beyond The Jurys Inn at Times Square.

Pedestrians will find the place by continuing west from The Centre for Life along Scotswood Road.

The clean, fresh facilities are on three floors with a secluded smokers' patio to the rear. The ground floor is for changing showering, steaming and the Jacuzzi as well as the licensed snack bar which offers some Internet terminals free of charge, with Wi-Fi coverage within the building. The first floor is the location for the spacious sauna, another shower area, some large rest rooms, a television lounge, and a veranda for parading and nattering. Once on the top floor the pace quickens as a huge erotic cinema awaits alongside some smaller rooms, glory holes, and a dark room.

As a whole the fellows behind this new bright venture have put a lot of thought and not a small amount of cash into their business. Attendance is good both during the weekday daytimes as well as the weekend evenings, with a mix of ages and preferences as you would expect from a bright thriving gay venue.

Standard entrance is 8 for members and 10 for visitors. Joining is free of charge and all members receive a 5 return voucher for every standard price paid.

Buddy Day is every Monday; bring a friend and share one entry fee.

Student Deal: 5 entry but free of charge on Wednesdays.

Under 26 Deal: Pay once on any day to earn your voucher for 5 free visits on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Complimentary food including tea or coffee, is served from 1430hrs every Tuesday.

Send a text message reading "52offers" to 88802 at your standard text rate and join the VIPs who receive up to date info and offers.

The website gives more information, current news and offers, and an opportunity to see what others are saying about it all.

Opening times are Mon to Thur 1100hrs to 2200hrs; Fri 1100hrs to Sun 2200hrs 24 hour opening. Public holidays 1200hrs to 2200hrs. Closed Xmas Day.

Tel:0191-221-2189 Email:

Secrets Bar, Scotswood Road

Secrets Bar, Scotswood Road
Secrets is a laid back bar that attracts a mixed age crowd for nattering and chilling. It is at the junction of Scotswood Road and St. James' Boulevard; just keep going past the Eagle, No52, and Nice 'n' Naughty.

H2O Sauna, Blandford Street

H20, Blandford Street Gay_H2O_LogoThis sister venue to Manchester's H2O in Sackville Street now owned by the world famous Basement at Tariff Street, is renowned in facilities and customer care. It is on two levels, with the entrance on the first floor approached by 18 steps. Flip-flops are available for loan free of charge for your stay at the sauna if you require them.

The reception, changing room, showers, sauna, lounge and fully licensed snack bar, as well as some private rooms and a cinema are all on the upper floor. Descend to the lower level for the walk through steam room, Jacuzzi, more showers, more private rooms, another cinema, and some play areas.

The Lounge sports an espresso coffee machine large TV, comfy seating, snack tables and chairs and two Internet terminals for use free of charge. Look out for the Manager's Specials on the menu.

Decking has been added in the garden area for smoking or relaxing.

Membership is 5 per year, and entry is 9 (12 non members) anytime 6 Seniors. Students and under 25s free of charge on Mondays, 2 Tuesdays and 6 at other times, with valid ID

Opening times are Mon - Thurs 1100hrs to 2200hrs; Friday 1100hrs - Sunday 2000rs (24 hour weekends)

Tel: 0191-232-9772 Website

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Always tell someone where you are going, and don't take anything that you do not want to lose. Always plan an escape route; and above all, be careful!

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